Become a Partner

It is with great honor that I am writing this letter to you, we here at the Carpenter House hope that all is well with you and your family as we all move forward. We here at the CHC are about to embark on a new beginning in our ministry. We will be doing this by starting our CHC25, this CHC25 is an outreach where we will have and be given the task and the opportunity to reach people from all walks of life.

This outreach CHC25 will be reaching out to touch those who are sick, those who are hungry, those who are thirsty, the people who are naked, the people in prison, and the stranger that people often forget. The CHC25 is birth out of Matthew Chapter 25 in the bible where Jesus our Lord gives us details on who he wants us to reach out to. We believe when we touch people, we touch the heart of Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our desire is to incorporate two hundred partners to donate $20.00 per month to help us and assist us in making an impact in our city and community. 


You can become a monthly partner by simply using our TEXT TO GIVE @ 866-995-6988. ( When you follow the prompt during this procedure make your $20.00 monthly gift a recurring monthly gift. As stated earlier, this will greatly assist us to reach out and touch, to make this world a better place and put a smile on someone’s face. (Note: We are 501© 3 certified)

If you have any questions, or concerns, please call us at 916-813-2254

We thank you in advance for considering to be a CHC Partner.

Blessings! In His service

Pastor Kevin McDowell